Agora Booking Policy

Maximum capacity: 270


Meeting rooms MUST be booked/confirmed at least three weeks in advance by organizations. Event organizers must follow these steps:

  1. Complete approval form (click to download)
  2. Obtain signed approval from the Dean, Faculty of Land and Food Systems;
  3. Obtain copy of liquor license (if applicable);
  4. Email the Faculty Operations Manager (cc: with your speedchart and request a customer funded work order request for custodial services;
  5. Present completed form with copy of the liquor license to Rebecca Lee, Dean’s Office, Room 248, HR MacMillan Building to confirm booking.
  6. For non-LFS users, Agora Room Rental rate is $300 per day.  In addition to the rental rate, a refundable damage deposit of $250 is also required.  Please provide both payments along with your completed form.

Approval of event requests is at the sole discretion of the Dean. All steps above must be completed well in advance of event date to ensure confirmation and approval.


  1. The organizers must clear table surface and room of any rubbish, waste paper and unwanted food or drink.
  2. Return furniture to the standard room layout.
  3. The Faculty is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.
  4. Report any missing, faulty, or damaged items to the Building Operations, Facilities Manager, Francois Desmarais (604-822-0068), and LFS Faculty Operations Manager, Pedro Aloise (604-822-3488).
  5. Alert the Building Operations Facilities Manager about any mess or spills that require special cleaning.


Catering is the responsibility of the meeting organizer. Catering equipment cannot remain in the Agora space overnight for pickup or a fee of $50 will be levied against the organizer.  The Faculty is not responsible for any lost or stolen catering equipment. Any misuse of facility (including damage to area or above maximum of allowable attendees – capacity 270 people) may result in loss of booking privileges.

Policy subject to change.