• May28

    UBC 100 What’s Next? : Meeru Dhalwala – Future of Food Sources
    Sat May 28, 2016  3:00 PM at
    Description: What will we eat when we need to feed 11 billion people globally by 2100? With rapid population increase and climate change coupled with the focus on cash crops and loss of food diversity, is a fundamental shift in our diets and the way our food is supplied essential for us to be able to feed...

  • Jun25

    Save the Date: Joy of Feeding 2016
    Sat June 25, 2016 at Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm
    Description: Joy of Feeding is an inter-generational, international food festival and annual fundraiser for UBC Farm that celebrates homecooked dishes from various cultural backgrounds from around our world. We are fifteen cooks of various ethnicities, traditions and professions—all of us living in Canada—offering tastes of our family favourite meals to our greater Vancouver community.