Outstanding Work Environment

We are committed to creating an exceptional work environment and to continuing to build a respectful, supportive, healthy and sustainable work culture.

Goal Action
Ensure a work environment that fulfils employees’ needs for continual learning and growth leading to increased employee satisfaction
  • Encourage and support professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Host annual staff and faculty professional development activities
  • Continue to offer staff and faculty member engagement programs
  • Provide more opportunities for all members of LFS to engage with each other
Recognize and reward outstanding staff and faculty members
  • Promote opportunities and programs that recognize and reward staff and faculty and develop a culture of celebration
Create a strong team of staff to support Faculty goals
  • Assess staff duties to identify opportunities to increase or shift capacity in order to better meet the changing needs of the Faculty
  • Ensure processes and supports are in place to recruit first choice applicants for staff and faculty positions
  • Ensure that academic and administrative heads and directors have the training, time and support they require to be effective administrators
Streamline committees and reporting systems, and establish LFS policies and procedures
  • Develop annual preparation and reporting processes for members of Core Team with budgetary responsibilities (decentralized budget)
  • Develop clearer policies and procedures ensuring consistent practice
  • Review all existing Faculty committees and terms of reference  for relevancy  and currency