Research Innovation and Excellence

In the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, our researchers strive to be world leaders in addressing critical global issues around sustainable food supply systems that promote human health and maintain valued agricultural resources including animals, land and water.

Goal Action
Build and capitalize on the strengths of our researchers as well as our research  and teaching centres
  • Assess current and potential value of research, teaching and outreach of our facilities – Totem Field, UBC Farm and the Greenhouse – to determine future use and fiscal viability
  • Assess research capacity within LFS to strengthen and maintain areas of excellence, identify and develop metrics as well as new opportunities and collaborations
  • Assess value of research, teaching and outreach of each of our Centres – Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Dairy Education & Research Centre, Wine Research Centre and the LFS Learning Centre – to determine future direction and fiscal viability
Support and enhance grant funding competitiveness and success
  • Hire a permanent grant facilitator to provide grant writing and award facilitation support to faculty, staff and students
Foster greater inter-LFS collaboration among faculty members as well as collaborations with UBC, Canadian and  international researchers
  • Identify and foster research relationships/partnerships with UBC Vancouver/Okanagan, local, national and international universities and colleges
  • Establish an internal research fund to support multidisciplinary research, infrastructure, and/or teaching initiatives
Build Faculty capacity through infrastructure development
  • Explore opportunities for joint/adjunct appointments and course offerings with UBC faculties and other university campuses
  • Identify and develop potential industry, government, non-government and community partners