Kinesiology Minor Application Form

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Food, Nutrition, and Health) degree may undertake an optional minor program in Kinesiology. Due to the fixed scheduling requirements of the Dietetics Major, it is typically not possible for students in this major to do a Kinesiology Minor.

Enrolment in the Kinesiology Minor program is limited to students eligible for third-year standing. Due to space limitations in the Kinesiology program, admission to the minor is competitive and will be based on a cumulative grade-point average of 54 credits of required first- and second-year courses for the Bachelor of Science (Food, Nutrition, and Health) degree. The minimum cumulative average is 68%; however, meeting the stated minimum average does not guarantee admission into this minor.

Completed applications must be submitted no later than March 31st.

The Kinesiology Minor program will consist of 18 credits selected from the following: KIN 231, 303, 351, 353, 361, 373, 375, 461, 464, 469, 471.


  1. Students who wish to pursue a Minor in Kinesiology should be aware of the 300-level prerequisites for 400-level Kinesiology courses. 100- and 200-level prerequisites for KIN courses may be waived for students taking the minor, however students will be expected to take either BIOL 155, BIOL 153, CAPS 301 or KIN 190 and 191 in lieu of the KIN course prerequisites. Space in many Kinesiology courses is limited. Admission to a Kinesiology Minor does not guarantee access to courses agreed upon for the minor. Upon successful completion of this minor program, the notation “Minor in Kinesiology” will be placed on the student’s transcript.
  2. Students who wish to pursue studies in the Faculty of Education should be aware that courses that are acceptable for a Kinesiology Minor might not necessarily meet the requirements for a teaching concentration in the Faculty of Education. Students planning to enter the Teacher Education Program in the Faculty of Education need to review the detailed admission requirements. Students planning to apply for the secondary option must prepare a second teaching field.
  3. Students enrolled in a major and Kinesiology Minor are allowed to double-count a limited number of credits. The minor may contain 6 upper-level credits that are also counted toward the elective requirements of the major.
  • **Before you submit the application, please ensure that you have met the academic standing and course requirements as stated within the UBC Calendar.**

    Meeting the minimum academic standing will not guarantee you a seat since there are limited spaces available.

    Please submit the completed form no later than March 31.

  • Applicants will be notified of their admission decision in early June.