Prospective and New LFS Students

Join us for UBC Welcomes You, 2018!

If you have received an offer of admission to an LFS program at UBC for 2018, congratulations!  We are excited you have been admitted to our Faculty and look forward to meeting you soon.  If you’ve ever dreamed of helping remote communities get equal access to water, compelled to stand up for animal rights, or have a passion for a sustainable food system for the next generation, you share the same values and passions as our students, faculty and staff.  Whether you’ve already committed to your LFS offer or are still making decisions about what offer to accept, there are many ways to learn more about our programs and what you can expect as a member of our Faculty.  We invite you to bring your friends and family to meet with us at UBC Welcomes You, 2018.

At UBC Welcomes You, you will join the LFS Student Services team to:

  • Find out what makes our Faculty and programs unique
  • Meet current students in your program; Hannah, Amira, Cheerie, Natalie, and Rachel
  • Tour LFS buildings and labs, get to know the UBC campus, and gain insight in to what life would be like for you next year
  • Hear from the Dean, Dr. Rickey Yada and Dr. Sean Smukler (Applied Biology) about what your classroom and learning experiences will be like
  • Have your questions answered about next steps, registration, getting involved and getting ready for first-year

When: Saturday, April 28th from 9:30am – 12:30pm (check in at 9am!)

Where: Food, Nutrition and Health Building

Register here by Friday, April 20 so you don’t miss out!

If you are interested in learning more about LFS but cannot join us in person, we encourage you to explore our website and contact the LFS Student Services team with any questions; we are happy to help.

If you’re outside Vancouver, check out the many off campus UBC events and visits that may be happening in your area.

You may also find the additional information below helpful!

Why Land and Food Systems?

The Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS) is one of the three founding Faculties of UBC, and are currently ranked as one of the top 25 Life Sciences Schools in the world, and #2 in Canada.  With our innovative teaching and curriculum, commitment to community engagement and focus on scientific knowledge with practical applications, our 1 700 undergraduate students are well positioned to be the next great generation of problem solvers, collaborators and systems-thinkers. Grounded in Science, global in scope, the Faculty of Land and Food Systems offers three undergraduate Bachelor of Science degrees:

  • Applied Biology (focus on plants, soils, the environment or animals – students can complete prerequisites for veterinary medicine )
  • Food, Nutrition and Health (focus on human nutrition, health prevention, food science or apply to the only Dietetics program in the province)
  • Global Resource Systems (focus on a region and a resource and tailor your program around your passions)
    • Global Resource Systems is a second- or third-year entry program

The LFS Core Series

The core curriculum of LFS undergraduate programs is centred on three interconnected pillars: Land, Food and Community. These concepts, and their relationship to one another, form the basis of our core undergraduate series: LFS 100, LFS 250, LFS 350 and LFS 450. Through these courses, LFS students from all disciplines work together to apply a systems-based approach in order to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our world today: our relationship to the land (including the animals that also call it home), the environmental and economic factors affecting its use, the food we produce, our relationship to food as a culture, the impacts of land use and dietary choices on our nutritional health, the safety and quality of the food systems we create, and the sustainability of all of these systems for future generations. We are a Faculty of superheroes. What will your superpower be?

LFS field course in the Squamish First Nation community

In LFS, we understand that even the greatest ideas must have community support if they are to be successful in the long run. That is why much of the learning students undertake as an LFS student has a strong community-learning component.  Community-Based Experiential Learning (CBEL) is integrated in to our Core Series as well as many other courses within the Faculty and offers students the opportunity to test and evaluate how to find practical, effective and sustainable solutions that help improve the lives of others. By integrated this in to our curriculum, we are preparing our students for life after university, as they gain valuable workplace skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, project management and engaging with stakeholders to accomplish goals.

ubc-farm Our three undergraduate programs are offered on UBC’s Vancouver campus, situated between the Pacific Ocean and Pacific Spirit Regional Park; one of the most spectacular natural settings in North America. If you’ve never been to campus before, we encourage you to join a UBC Campus Tour to learn more about what makes this place and this University so special. While on campus, you may also wish to check out the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm, an integral part of the Faculty of Land and Food System’s past, present and future.  In addition to being a centre for research and learning, the UBC Farm boasts a strong connection with the community and local schools to further the message of how important it is to create and maintain healthy and sustainable food systems.  Check out the UBC featured story called “Good Soil, Good Humans” to meet some the passionate LFS faculty, students and staff who call the UBC Farm home.

UBC is dedicated to supporting Aboriginal student academic success and leadership. The University offers Aboriginal students unique and culturally-appropriate educational opportunities and student services. We invite you to join the growing community of Aboriginal students, faculty, and staff in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Aboriginal Student Coordinator for UBC Land & Food Systems and UBC Science

Our Aboriginal Student Coordinator, Joel Liman, provides a variety of services and supports for Aboriginal students studying in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems as well as for students interested in Aboriginal issues and areas of study.  From choosing courses, arranging tutoring, degree planning, advising, emotional support, and trouble-shooting a variety of issues that are a part of university life, students can contact Joel directly to arrange an advising appointment. Contact Information Email: Phone: 604-822-9853 Cell: 604-831-2028 Address: Room 344 – 2357 Main Mall Whether studying in the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, the UBC Aboriginal Science website contains a wealth of information for Aboriginal students considering UBC, as well as event listings, opportunities, and resources. Web: For accessing general information on Aboriginal Issues on campus, please also visit the UBC Vancouver Aboriginal Portal

LFSUS BBQ at Aggie Week

LFS Undergraduate Society

The governing body for LFS undergraduate students is known as the LFS|US, or the Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society. The society is composed of all undergraduate students who are active members of the AMS (Alma Mater Society) and registered in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. The LFS|US is committed to building a sense of community within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. From growing and harvesting to cooking and eating, LFS knows all about food and understands the unique ability food has to bring people together and foster a sense of community. The LFS|US organizes social events for LFS students, including:

  • $5 Wednesday Night Dinners (WND)
  • Aggie Week (a nod to our former name, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Inter-Faculty Games Nights
  • The Fall LFS Community Dinner

To learn more, please visit the LFS|US website.

Agora Cafe

Located in the basement of the MacMillan Building, Agora is a student volunteer-run, non-profit café that provides affordable, accessible, healthy, local and organic food choices while offering training in food service and business management.  Established by an LFS Dietetics student in 2005, Agora is a popular eatery on campus for all members of the campus community, and is famous for their delicious granola bars!  To learn more, visit their website.

Friends of the UBC Farm

The Friends of the UBC Farm is a UBC-based group and constituted Alma Mater Society (AMS) club. Members include UBC students, staff, and community members. Club members are united by the desire to help the Farm to continue to provide its services to the community. Its mandate is:

  • to raise awareness in the UBC community about the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, and its value to the campus and other communities
  • to educate members of the UBC community (and wider community) about the value of the UBC Farm and the importance of urban agriculture
  • to unify and coordinate students’ efforts to advocate for UBC Farm’s future on campus

Other Groups

There are lots of other LFS student groups, each with its own focus. Whatever your interests, these groups are a great way to get to know your fellow Aggies!

  • Nutrikids
  • UBC Food Science Club
  • The Orchard Garden
  • ACE Team

Helpful Information:

Hear what past and current LFS students have to say about their experiences in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems in the video below.

Application Info

Applications to an LFS program at UBC for 2018 are now closed.  Please contact UBC Admissions for next steps.

However, current UBC students can apply for a “Change of Degree Program” through their Student Service Centre (SSC) up until May 15, 2018.

If you have any questions about applying to an LFS program, please contact LFS Student Services at or by phone at 604-822-2620.  Academic Advisors are happy to help!