Community Based Experiential Learning (CBEL)

At the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, our students develop a keen sense of community, practical and effective problem-solving skills, and the drive to tackle real world issues.

Through Community-Based Experiential Learning (CBEL), you can participate at non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as public schools, on projects driven by community priorities. By taking part in these experiences, you apply your classroom knowledge to enrich your grasp of it, invest yourself to make a positive difference, and challenge yourself in new learning environments to better understand what work you’d like to pursue.

Experiential learning is a core philosophy in our Faculty. Find out how you can connect with your community while gaining professional experience.

Courses with a CBEL component

Take a course with a CBEL component and be guided by the course instructor. Both local and international community placements are available for CBEL courses.

In CBEL courses students have the opportunity to integrate and apply course-based knowledge; participate in advancing the priorities of community-based organizations working to improve the social and cultural positions of certain segments of society; practice and develop their reflective and critical thinking skills; and interpret theoretical knowledge so it is useful to community partners.

Full list of courses coming soon.