Career Resources

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” —Benjamin Franklin

In today’s job market, you need to take a proactive approach. It’s not enough to be educated, you also need to have networking and work experience.

Our Faculty can help you prepare for your future through a number of innovative and successful initiatives that will allow you to connect with the real world long before you graduate.

These programs provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills, expand their horizons and use their knowledge to enhance their community. They may also provide a road-test for future careers.


Natalie Lim: 604.827.2622


Get ahead in your career planning and help your fellow students by volunteering as a Career Peer!

Career Peers coach other students on their resume writing and interview skills, enabling you to:

  • Develop your own job application expertise
  • Learn more about career development
  • Try out aspects of Human Resources and Counselling
  • Help others and meet students from other faculties
  • Be part of a close-knit team on campus

Apply for the Career Peer Education Program (or one of the 16 other peer programs at UBC.)

If you have questions, please contact

Experiential learning is a core philosophy in our Faculty. Find out how you can connect with your community while gaining professional experience.

Jointly-run between the Faculties of Land and Food Systems and Science, this program offers students the opportunity to augment academic studies with full-time relevant paid work. Paid work assignments are a minimum of four months and are monitored by Faculty Advisors. Applications are accepted from second year students who have a GPA of 70% or higher.

For more information about the program please visit the Science Co-op ext_link website.

The Faculty's Tri-Mentoring program creates networking opportunities through "clusters" or "triads." Clusters/triads consist of a junior student (first or second year), a senior student (third/fourth year or graduate student) in the same program, and an industry-related professional.

Visit the LFS Tri-Mentoring website ext_link

As an educator, you can give your students the opportunity to discover the undergraduate degree programs and career options offered through the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Our Faculty offers a free, interactive presentation on degree and career choices available through the Faulty.

For more information on classroom presentations contact:

Chris McGill
Applied Biology Program Coordinator, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC
Tel:  604 822-2794 | Fax: 604 822-6394 |

The Faculty uses student-centered learning to educate a new generation that is equipped to understand and resolve pressing societal issues concerning food safety, resource use and the state of our shared environment.

What You and Your Students Gain:
  • Detailed information on current and new degree programs and career opportunities in the Faculty presented by our own students
  • Increased understanding of relevant issues facing local and global communities
What's Expected:
  • A room full of curious minds (your students)
  • A white projecting surface
  • An electrical outlet for the equipment
  • An hour of your time (see below)
 Sample Presentation Topics:
  • biodiversity
  • food security
  • animal welfare
  • agriculture in urban areas
  • soil, water and community
  • sustainable food production
  • organic farming


  • The LFS Student Job Board lists general employment vacancies on-campus and external vacancies related to the Land and Food Systems academic programs.
  • Visit the UBC Career Services website to access thousands of jobs targeted to UBC students.

**Note: The links listed below are for informational purposes only and do not indicate endorsement of any kind.**

**Note: The links listed below are for informational purposes only and do not indicate endorsement of any kind.**

Applied Animal Biology

Food and Environment; Plant and Soil Sciences

**Note: The links listed below are for informational purposes only and do not indicate endorsement of any kind.**