Teaching Assistantships, Tutors, and Markers

Applications for 2017 Summer Session are now being accepted.  Deadline is Friday, March 3, 2017

The 2017 Winter Session LFS TA application will be open on March 31, 2017.  Deadline will be Sunday, April 30, 2017

Please refer to the LFS TA Portal for current information.

A great opportunity to expand your career and employment skills! 

The Faculty of Land & Food Systems has a limited number of Teaching Assistant positions available during Summer Session (May to August);  approximately 20-25.

The Faculty of Land & Food Systems has approximately 200 Teaching Assistant positions available during Winter Session (September to April ).

East listed course will be assigned a set number of TA support hours.  Instructors are responsible for determining the assigned number of hours to each TA.  Each appointment will be in accordance with the CUPE 2278 Collective Agreement.

Teaching Assistants:

Within LFS, all positions of teaching support service are referred to as Teaching Assistants (TA’s) and are appointed as STA, GTA1, GTA2, UTA1 or UTA2.   TA’s will assist with a variety of course related activities, and may include setting up and assisting in laboratories, marking or assisting in marking assignments and examinations, invigilation of exams and carrying out related library work.  TA’s assigned to Problem Based Learning course will serve as the tutor (facilitator) for student group discussions.

Applicants for the Teaching Assistant positions must have a suitable background, normally be a graduate student in the course subject area; however, senior undergraduates with appropriate backgrounds can also apply. A student should not accept an offer of a TA position without discussing it with the course instructor.  We welcome applications from outside of LFS.

TA’s are expected to be available for the duration of their contract and must discuss periods of unavailability with course instructor prior to accepting any offers.  TA’s may be required to invigilate exams for courses other than those which they may be TA’ing for during the period of their TA appointment.


Positions will be assigned in consultation with individual instructors and Academic Program Directors.

Additional information can be found at the LFS TA Portal.