International Learning

In supporting UBCs Trek 2010 vision to prepare students to become exceptional global citizens, the Faculty of Land and Food Systems offers a number of global opportunities, including student academic exchanges, international service learning and research abroad.

Student Academic Exchanges

UBC-organized student exchanges allow eligible students the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at UBC partner universities throughout the world. This includes the University of the Philippines Los Banos, University of Melbourne and Queensland University (Australia), Swedish Agricultural University, EARTH, Costa Rica University, University of Chile, University of California and Oregon State University.

Additional opportunities for graduate student exchanges are available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand through UBC’s membership in the Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Students from any of our academic programs are eligible for student exchanges.

While the Faculty offers an undergraduate program in Global Resource Systems, students do not have to be enrolled in this program to take advantage of student exchange opportunities. Students in any of the Facultys academic programs are eligible.


ORICE is the Office of Regional and International Community Engagement at UBC. ORICE programs explore regional and international community engagement through course-based placements, community-led development programs, and more. Learn more about the programs here.

Research abroad

As a UBC student you are eligible to conduct research at many university partners . Students in any of the Faculty’s academic programs are eligible to take advantage of the student exchange opportunities. For more information on how to apply visit the UBC Go Global website.

Student Exchange Examples:


Michelle Nelson, Kenya – From the local dog pound to the coast of Africa, Michelle Nelson has a habit of adopting strays wherever she goes. She has been passionate about animal welfare since she was five years old and has volunteered with animals since she was 12. While at UBC, her research focused on finding ways to make cows more comfortable in their stalls, but it was a trip to Africa that set her on her future course. After caring for several homeless felines in Kenya, Nelson is keen to do further research on the care of feral cats with the goal of developing a traveling trap and a neuter and release program that she can take on the road to countries around the world.

Paris Marshall, Africa – Originally as an exchange student from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural School (KVL) in Denmark, Paris was so impressed with the GRS program she decided to stay. During her first year with specializations in Food and Agricultural Economics and Africa, she enrolled in the SLUSE program that embarked on a three week field course to either Malaysia, Thailand or southern Africa. To follow up on her trip, she returned to South Africa in 2005 to explore urban agriculture in the city of Durban, building on the theme of interdisciplinary studies in collaboration with the Geography Department at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She is currently working towards a Masters in Agricultural Development with a focus on Urban Agriculture.

Americas Mexico

Alana Wilson, Mexico – As an Agroecology graduate specializing in resource economics, Alana Wilson took advantage of the student exchange program to visit Mexico on a summer study tour offered through UBC and the University of Calgary.

Tobias Kroger, New Mexico, US and the Gambia – With a resource specialization in Water Resource Management in the Americas, Toby Kroger went on exchange to New Mexico State University as part of the Aqua3 stipend program. He currently works in rural Guinea, West Africa for a UK based development NGO and is involved in managing various water, environmental, and natural resource projects such as community wells, drip irrigation, and the reclamation of land used for refugee camps. He also participated in a CIDA funded internship through Okanagan University College to The Gambia.


Meredith Seeton, Denmark – International Development student Meredith Seeton, tried her hand at the jazz scene and bike-friendly capital at Copenhagens KVL University in Denmark. And just when the Danish winter seemed endlessly long, she was able to travel to Botswana with a class and research a community-based womens organization called Kgetsie ya Tsie translated as: “Together we carry a bag of locusts.” Along with students from Denmark and around Southern Africa she was able to try her hand at different data collection methods and experience rural life in Botswana.