LFS Policy – Faculty Support for Student Initiated Projects & Activities

The Faculty would like to support student initiated projects and activities that will make LFS stronger and benefit the students.
Due to financial constraints, the maximum support for each initiative will typically not exceed $500 per fiscal year.


  1. Download this form.

  2. A proposal is required for all initiatives. It should include the objective, how it will benefit the Faculty as whole,
    budget for the initiative (total funding required, funding requested, funding from other sources (if applicable)),
    timeline, and progress to date.

  3. The submission should be classified as primarily related to:

    • Research

    • Undergraduate student or undergraduate course related

    • Graduate student or graduate course related

    The form should be emailed to the appropriate Associate Dean for review:

  4. Every effort will be made to review the initiatives within two weeks, but students are advised to submit applications well in advance of the deadline to ensure a response is received in a timely manner.

    Only the initiatives approved by an Associate Dean will be funded.